Town Musicians of Bremen Finger Puppet Set

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Felt Finger Puppet Set - Town Musicians of Bremen

The "Town Musicians of Bremen" (German: Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten) is a popular German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm and published in Grimms' Fairy Tales in 1819.


It tells the story of four aging domestic animals, a dog, donkey, cat, and rooster, who after a lifetime of hard work are neglected and mistreated by their former masters. Eventually, they decide to run away and become town musicians in the city of Bremen.  

Contrary to the story's title the characters never arrive in Bremen, as they succeed in tricking and scaring off a band of robbers, capturing their spoils, and moving into their house.

Our lovely Town Musicians of Bremen finger puppet set is handmade in Nepal of 100% wool. It's needle felted and is 3D designed. It looks great from any angle. A wonderful holiday gift for kids!

  • Size: Approx. 4" ; 10cm
  • Materiel: 100% organic lamb wool
  • Ethically hand made by Nepalese female artisans

Gift Cotton Bag For Easy Storage

This finger puppet set comes with a cotton drawstring bag for gifting and for easy storage!

    Natural fibers

    Our felt finger puppet set is made from 100% organic lamb wool and using Azo-free eco-friendly dyes. 

    Supporting local artisans

    We are committed to providing fair employment and fostering long term relationships with our felt making group. We make sure all the artisans are fairly compensated which allows them to keep on following their passions while providing for their families.

    We thank you for supporting and empowering the local Nepalese artisans by purchasing this beautiful artwork.


    Our felt Town Musicians of Bremen finger puppet is 100% handmade. Therefore, appearance, color, and size may vary slightly.

    Product Care
    Dampen a soft, clean cloth with cold water and spot clean.

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